Monday, February 27, 2012

Kent in a hurry!

I did some concepts of Kent the other week. One of the illustrations showed Kent running. I just had to see it in motion. And since I'm trying to get more comfortable with 2D animation at the moment I had a go. Here's a pencil test of the run cycle from late last night. I love this stage so much. I have watched so much pencil test clips from the good old days. This is where the raw motion really shines. I think my next animation project will all pencil tests. No fuss, just the good stuff.


  1. Nice pencil test Simon, loving the follow through action! Have you got him running on 24's though!? As in 1 step a second?

  2. Saw no reason in keeping him in on the second. But is actually 12 frames and a 12fps loop, so two steps a sek. I should make a minute and hour loop and have the Kent agent animated clock.

  3. Ah I see now, the playback was slow in college! It's always fun what you see the second time round, like the subtle breaking of joints on his left arms. Looking forward to seeing more!