Monday, September 28, 2009

Your friendly neighbourhood butler - from a detective story.

Just the way we love them:

Bouncing in space

Would be awesome... very awesome.


... that's what we call these in Sweden. Don't know how to translate it I'm afraid. 

Board games... we love them? Yes we do!

Did a super tiny bit of the game Dominion: seaside by Rio Grande Games. Hoping to post more board game illustrations soon.

For the younger audiance

I've been doing some illustrating for a paper called justdé for a couple of years. Here are some tricky puzzles and action scenes from the bible:

...meaty quality

He's from a while back but he's got some sort of meaty quality that i like.

It's X3M

This is a short section dedicated to the company X3M I worked with some year ago. Be sure to check out their website. Also, don't miss out on the nice hand made Romanian beanies as my brother is the guy behind that project.

This digital painting was made for their second exhibition and is also shown on their website. Some artist were asked to do street-art inspired of the word extreme. At the time the hot-air system at my office were broken and the most extreme thing I could think of that day was how cold that winter was. So that is me being beaten up by "cold". As you probably figured out on the ice-cream, fish and fridge.

This painting of mixed techniques was made to their first street-art exhibition. Inspired by the word "extreme"

This is how the illustrations looked like that I worked on in regular. Instead of using photos they used illustrations to show the might of the floor ball players.

In a project with STIHL called "anticipating saturday"

Adding a little something from the archive.


The first post... just to get it over with.