Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bits and kurbits pieces

Here's some cut outs from a CD/DVD production that is fresh off my desk. Nice to try out some linoleum print style. And the more folksy tunes in the music lead to the very classic kurbits patterns.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sports during summer!? Are you crazy?

The wintersports book also getting a sequel. This one arrives in time for summer. And this might shock you, but its set during summer! On an island off the west coast of Sweden. I feel right at home.

Kent Agent och Bautabullarna

Ah! Another Kent Agent in the wild. I really enjoy working on these. Just the right amount of crazy silliness and splendid people all around the project. Go by them so I get to do more of them! By it here... or somewhere.

Meet the new superheroes: Bride Woman & Groom Man

Helped some friends out with some illustrations for their wedding. I think you could get some sort of story out of these character. You can immediately see some interesting villains to add to the drama. "The Dish Pile Danger Man", "Evil Dr Sockonfloor" and don't forget the legendary evil simply known as "The Monster in law".

Just to make things clear

We now live indoors again.